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Diver Daley, 20, revealed in December that he is in a happy relationship with a man, becoming one of the very few still-active sportsmen to do so.He won a gold and a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and was named Man of the Year at the awards last month.Labour Party special envoy on LGBT issues worldwide The Limehouse-born actor, now well-loved politician, was once Colin in East Enders, one half of the first gay kiss on mainstream British TV.Then he became a Member of the European Parliament for 15 years until May this year, and now, at 63, a member of the House of Lords.Stoney rejoined Arsenal this season and led England in the first four matches of their impressive World Cup 2015 qualifying campaign.

Actress An actress and stand-up comedian, Rebecca Root is the star of the new sitcom Boy Meets Girl, which airs next year.Boxer The much-loved boxer, MBE, and former Pink List No 1 bounced back from her first defeat since London 2012 by winning gold at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.As at London, she became the first woman to achieve that accolade as the sport made its bow at the Glasgow Games.Comedian & presenter Perkins reinforced her position as Britain’s best-loved baker with another Great British Bake Off, while also presenting highlights from the Edinburgh Festival.She will put her famously brilliant take on 21st-century gay life by writing an episode for the upcoming Musician The 22-year-old soul singer is the UK’s biggest new musician of 2014, with massive sales of his debut album.

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