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One finding was that many of our children are online and using apps and games without close parental supervision.

Click on this link for more detailed results of this survey.

In grades K-2, lessons are taught by the classroom teacher.

The focus in kindergarten is how we use technology to communicate and communicating kindly.

Also, allow your child to develop independence online, just as he or she is increasingly independent in the physical world. Ask your child to teach you how to use his or her favorite social media sites and discuss them. – Practice safe and responsible online habits in front of your child. Encourage your child to be respectful and communicate positively with the online community. – To achieve academic success, your child should be focusing on schoolwork, responsibilities at home, and other positive offline activities. – Don’t give your child the administrative password for your device and check all apps and games before they are downloaded. For more detailed information on which apps and games are appropriate for which age groups, go to Take the problem seriously and encourage your child to tell you all they know about the situation. If this problem involves another child from the school, contact the assistant principal in charge of your child’s grade so that we can try to address the problem. There are ways to get social media sites to delete content.

This is a great way to learn about your child’s online behavior. Explain that it’s not always easy to delete offensive or questionable content. Outside activities are also important for a child’s social success, health, and wellbeing. For more on this, click here: Haters, and Trolls – This portal on Commonsense Media links to articles covering a wide variety of topics and solutions to cyberbullying and other abusive online behavior.

Students then learn about privacy and digital footprints, and complete an activity that addresses what information is unsafe to share on the Internet.

Finally, students learn about what makes a strong password and how they can use passwords to protect their private information online.

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In 4th grade, students begin by examining their online responsibilities and learn about good online habits and behaviors.

Finally, students learn about the importance of keeping personal information private and the potential dangers of online communication.

The unit culminates with students creating a digital citizenship trivia game using Scratch code.

In all grades, students are expected to talk with their parents about some of the things they are learning about in this curriculum.

In grades 3-5, students engage in a unit of study in the computer lab.

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