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We had to sacrifice the spot meant for Film 2-Film 5, but It's only fair!Masters will always get priority at my studio since they have worked harder and longer on their skills than any of the lower level students, however I know it hurts not to be allowed to be in a workshop that was that important.One of the BIGGEST & BEST Seminars of the Year is happening Dec 2-3rd! The most highly anticipated workshop of the year is about to happen!Senior Vice-President of CESD & the person Voted "Best Industry Guest TEACHER" by my Master/Premiere students MITCHELL GOSSETT is coming! and THIS TIME--Mitchell Gossett is not just bringing one of his top booking agents from L. Melissa Berger, he is also bringing one of his Broadway, Film and TV New York Agents from CESD, David Doan! These are the stars that Mitchell and I helped start out!Through individual and group work, you will strengthen your acting muscle and generate optimal growth.

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CESD has been around since 1967 and has offices in both L. & New York in which Mitchell is senior vice-president of!

Also, With this workshop comes a: Mitchell Gossett originally was going to be coming the Nov.

11th weekend, but we changed that date to December 2-3...

Not only is Mitchell an amazing talent agent who has helped build many of my stars, he is senior vice-president of one of the biggest & best Children/teen agencies in the world. This MITCHELL GOSSETT/DAVID DOAN/MELISSA BERGER-BRENNAN seminar will be December 2nd & 3rd, so mark your calendars NOW and be ready to have a great time and learn acting techniques to use in your toolbox!!!

My students learn so much and enjoy his passionate teaching and his immense love for acting. One of the most anticipated workshops of the year is coming with MITCHELLGOSSETT! We will also have our wonderful local agents, WHO IS MITCHELL GOSSETT?!

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