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We are all people, with love and respect we can find some common ground.

I am more than willing to talk with people that disagree with me on anything, provided they show me the same respect that I will afford them.

I like music and have an interest in music, history, psychology, people and religion, I am a friendly, non- judgmental person.

Email: Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Writing poetry, reading, dogs, sugargliders, motorcycles, fishing, nature, camping, penpals5350 Estate Road, 5Terre Haute IN47805Introduction: Hello I am looking to write other women I will not answer men I already have one. I am 53 years old, no kids but I do have furbabies four dogs and five Sugargliders.

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The exact reason for this condition isn't clear, although most believe it results from hormone changes affecting muscle contraction and relaxation in the stomach and intestines.My nature tendds to be kind hearted and compassionate most of the time. INTP : Logician Email: Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Writing, Video games, music, movies Introduction: Lets see... I did live in america for a few years and the memories are somewhat bittersweet. I'm pretty easygoing and will talk to anyone about anything pretty much.Humor is a healthy part of friendship and I try to be witty when I can. A good memory, but only for conversations and not faces. I've recently found out that on top of being dyslexic i also have asbergers so please forgive any spelling or grammer mistakes.I am a breast cancer survivor as of 2007 I do Relay For Life and Susan G Komen events. Box 452National City, CA 91951USAIntroduction:i look forward to answering all letters from everyone except people in jail and prison i will not write anyone back in prison or jail who write me period; but for everyone else i will write back and may you have an nice day.I will seap fbs slams and label bags Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: colorinng, movies, music, and making new friends; and also animal lover.. Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: writing letters, music, tv, and coloring, and making new friends.. Tampatha Climons607 M Avenue National City, CA 91950Introduction:no jail mail and no prisoners i won't write back to you...

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