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These demanding challenges for riders are held in New South Wales at Dalgety, Tamworth and Murrurundi Their environmental impact may include soil loss, compaction, and erosion; trampling of vegetation; reduction in the vastness of plants; increased tree deaths by chewing on bark; damage to bog habitats and waterholes; spreading of invasive weeds; and various detrimental effects on population of native species.Horse trampling also has the potential to damage waterways and bog habitats.They have their paths of movement, diet, watering patterns, and mob structure tracked and recorded.

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Its derivation is obscure, Horses first arrived in Australia in 1788 with the First Fleet.Throughout the 20th century, the replacement of horses with machines in farming led to further reductions in demand, and may have also contributed to increases in feral populations.Where they are allowed to damage vegetation and cause erosion, the impact on the environment can be detrimental, and for that reason can be considered a serious environmental threat.This colouring is commonly known as mealy and is seen mainly in a number of old breeds such as British Ponies, Timor Ponies, Haflingers and even Belgian Draught Horses.The gene causes lightening in parts of a horse’s coat, resulting in a mealy coloured muzzle, forearms, flanks, and the belly.

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