Bank reconciliation updating cashbook

Asset Allocation Fund: A fund that spreads its portfolio among a wide variety of investments, including domestic and foreign stocks and bonds, government securities, gold bullion and real estate stocks.At-the-Money: The price of the underlying equity equals to the strike price of the option.Analysts look to this as an indicator that the trend is probably more significant and longer-lasting than one with limited breadth.Break-even point: The stock price(s) at which an option position generates neither a profit nor a loss.Bonus: Shares allotted to the existing shareholders by capitalising the reserves into additional capital.When market expects a company to come out with a Bonus Issue, the price of the shares normally goes up.Breadth of Market: The percentage of stocks participating in a particular market move.

Conversely, if the majority of issues fall in price the line trends downward.

Balance sheet: The summary of a company's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity.

Since balance sheets do not list items at their current monetary value, they may overstate or understate the real value of certain corporate assets and liabilities.

Book Closure: A company closes its register of members for updating the records to facilitate payment of dividends or issue of rights of bonus shares.

Book closure is the period during which this process is done and deliveries are not effected in the clearing house.

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