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There is no doubt that Thailand, Bangkok and in particular resorts like Pattaya have become sex tourist destinations.'In Bangkok or Pattaya you can buy sex with a prostitute for as little as , the beer is cheap and it's sunny, it's an irresistible attraction for some foreigners, I know it's immoral but for many people, that doesn't matter anymore, that's it.' No matter that there are increasing efforts by authorities in Bangkok to clean up the sex trade, which Thai government policies are beginning to target poverty in rural areas which is the root of the problem or that Pattaya is also a beautiful destination with superb golf facilities that would stand on its own without the sex for sale label.While the Thai government is ramping up efforts to tackle poverty in Thailand, there have been calls for the curtailment of the sex trade in Bangkok and Pattaya but no one believes it will really happen.There are hints that the sex trade in Thailand and Bangkok may well be waning.Every night in Bangkok behind the neon scenes and the sounds of a bustling metropolis, hundreds of thousands of Thai women walk to work in the city's sex industry.Bangkok, although it does not have the biggest sex industry in the world or even Asia unfortunately has this name.As economic progress continues, the sex industry is increasingly no longer considered as indispensible and most Thai people will point out that it has always been illegal.The sex industry has been wrongly linked also to the growing numbers of Thai women seeking foreign husbands and life partners but there is a clear distinction between the two phenomena and of course, an overlap.

'There are many stories of sex workers or bar girls who find a foreign life or marriage partner particularly when you consider the more causal nature of sex for sale in Thailand.There are many different types of sex operations offering a different range of specialist services from soapy massage to bars that offer oral sex to male customers or to use the vernacular term blow jobs.In recent years TV companies from around the world have examined the phenomenon.For decades Bangkok has been a well known sex tourist destination for millions of men.Today, this includes younger men from western countries and increasingly men from other Asian countries in particular India.

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