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Each week, a "newsletter" of Q-and-As is sent to Durex's We Chat friends.

Nike Tens of thousands flocked to Nike's Festival of Sport last summer, sampling everything from skateboarding to football to golf.

It's being promoted in Indonesia, India, Argentina and Australia.

Blog Tech Node quoted We Chat Product Director Zeng Ming as saying that Europe and the States is its next challenge.

"Every time we talk to clients, we say you have to commit to doing social CRM," Ms. Durex Durex uses We Chat in a culture where public discussion about private issues is uncommon.

Considering that We Chat's stellar growth has come in large part from QQ, maybe not.

But Mark Natkin, a technology analyst in Beijing, says the West can learn a thing or two from We Chat.

And slowly some brands are coming out with official We Chat accounts." China's newest digital darling is a mashup of several existing applications, with a few fun features like "Shake Shake" and "Drift Bottle." We Chat users trade text, audio and video messages with friends over mobile-data networks.

There's a popular group-messaging function and newly unveiled live-chat capabilities.

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