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Fifty-seven percent of young adults ages 18 to 24 report seeking out porn at least once or twice a month, compared to 37 percent of teens, 43 percent of older Millennials, 41 percent of Gen-Xers, and just 17 percent of Boomers. Teens, young adults and adults 25 and older rated a series of action statements according to a five-point scale: “always OK,” “usually OK,” “neither wrong nor OK,” “usually wrong” and “always wrong.” Combining the percentages of those who chose always and usually wrong for each statement, a picture emerges of where using porn ranks on a list of possible immoral actions. Teens and young adults are roughly 10 percentage points less likely than older adults to think each of the actions is wrong.In addition, the ranking order below the top three are quite different between the younger and older age cohorts.Porn Use This is not an easy question to answer, particularly because sexually charged imagery is ubiquitous in places like online newsfeeds, pop-up ads, texts, search engines, billboards, window merchandising, TV commercials, and signs.

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If a person seeks porn on a daily basis, he or she is more likely to come across porn on a daily basis.The first question ignores any intention and so returns the highest possible percentage of viewing frequency, while the latter focuses solely on intentional viewing and thus returns a lower percentage.How frequently people view porn likely falls somewhere between the two percentages.You can count on Abeka for quality, time-tested materials for every subject, every grade.Want to focus on your kids and enjoy the learning journey? Since you’ll have a firm foundation with Abeka, you’ll never have to guess. You’ll also be building from the firm foundation of a Christian perspective in English, math, science, health, history, geography, and even electives.

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