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Annabeth is crucial to the plot of each book in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles, in various ways.

She leads quests in The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Mark of Athena.

In the musical, she is portrayed by Kristin Stokes.

Grover Underwood is a satyr who is Percy's best friend.

In the film adaptations, he is portrayed by Logan Lerman.

In the musical, he is portrayed by Chris Mc Carrell.

She also uses Sadie Kane's wand when it turned into a dagger like the one Luke gave her.

They live as runaways until they are found by Grover Underwood and taken to camp.

In the books, he has curly brown hair and fur, acne, and a wispy beard.

His horns grow larger as the series progresses, and he must take increasingly careful measures to hide them and his goat legs while posing as human.

Grover is a very sensitive and nature-conscious person.

Like all satyrs, he can sense emotions and "smell" monsters and demigods.

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