Dating etiquette for young men

But before we get down to business, this guide applies to pretty much any situation where you’re eating food in public.

Dates, business lunches, dinners, meeting the parents, and so on. But sometimes people get offended, particularly in corporate culture. Here is a general rule that will help you wade through the treacherous waters of chivalry. If you’re with a date, or with any female who might refer to you as “handsome,” do it.

If he was a willful deceiver, he was bound to be detected at some point, and one etiquette expert noted that if that happened, how would a gentleman expect a woman to continue to love and trust him?

In modern times, the man walks on the outside to offer protection against would-be assailants lurking between parked cars.

In even more modern times, and in dense urban areas, men sometimes walk on the inside, to protect against would-be attackers lurking in doorways.

This is normal, as long as you don’t make a big deal of it. Also think of the situation you’re in, and ease up if it draws attention.

Holding a door open for someone can make you appear suave, or it can make you look like a douchebag. This will be easiest if you’re on the hinges side of the door. If you can switch ninja-style, before getting to the door, do it.

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