Divorced parents dating with children

I am the child of a divorce as well as have counselled many with children.

Allow the child to be a child and develop in as normal a manner as they can.Being a single parent is a challenge for anyone, and this ‘force’ at work is to be reckoned with when opening up your social world.Set out to make friends – not date Do not ‘date’ initially, but set out to make friends.Try saying something like "I'm going to go see a movie with a friend on Friday night.I've asked your favorite babysitter to come to stay with you, and I'm going to order a pizza and rent a video for the two of you to watch." When you return home from your night out, resist the urge to tell your son all about the date you just had. If dating someone eventually leads to a deeper relationship, you can always talk to your new friend about how you would like him to behave when he finally meets your son.

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