Elf dating sim 2 hacked

'My journey travelling with the group is near to an end and in about three or four days I'll start my journey, on my own travelling solo.'The former headteacher then went on to say: 'I have to say I'm really looking forward to it.

Description: Looking for a new challenge online with something hard to drive and park?

A British kayaker hacked to death in the Amazon and thrown into a river made a video just days before her death saying she was 'looking forward to going solo'.

Former headteacher Emma Kelty, 43, was 42 days into a 4,000-mile solo kayaking trip from the source of the Amazon to the sea, when she signaled her emergency alarm and disappeared.

Investigators reported they have already recovered a number of items belonging to the victim including the drone, mobile phones, camera, GPS and sim card. Four are in custody, one was shot dead in a rival gang attack and two are still at large.

Cops believe the two fugitives, named as Erimar Ferreira da Silva, known as 'Chico', and Nilson Ferreira da Silva, known as 'Ze Preto', have escaped to neighbouring states.

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