Global dating revolution

[Sexuality] was extremely controlled and girls wore their hair short, they became androgynous, and the difference between the genders sort of merged.

It was a very strange time and this continued throughout the reign of Mao Zedong and until the late 1970s.

The broadmindedness throughout ancient society to sex astonished me, that prostitution was completely integrated into society. This might have been the biggest surprise; ever since recorded history, there are records of men having intimate relationships with other men in China.

They weren’t homosexuals per se, these were married heterosexual men with families.

A whole new consciousness came into China as it met the west via the Opium Wars and Western ideals for example.

The notion of homosexuality being a sin or extramarital affairs being a sin began to take hold.

All of the brothels were methodically closed, and the prostitutes were reintegrated into society doing other work. People began to wear that gender neutral Maoist clothing.

Within different dynasties, China became very conservative with the influence of neo-Confucianists, especially during the Qing dynasty — the last dynasty — when prostitution and homosexuality was outlawed.

They even had some of China’s great works of erotic literature destroyed.

What happened next was the nationalists and then Mao took over.

But to go out with younger men was seen as a sign of their status and privilege .

It wasn’t that they were homosexuals it was something that they did for their own entertainment and amusement.

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