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Send me a private message and let me know if you can help. I can't travel but dogs are wee at most hotels here.Real Russian girls rarely contact men first, but scammers send their spam to each and every man on the site. I want To create family with material, morally provided by the person, which will be able to contain our wake family , wind children (at will). Sometimes I think that when all is bad, just look at the night sky with stars, at the fire and I understand that life is a wonderful lot if it is not over. [email protected] know that I am here not just for entertainment and you could be the one who I need and I could be the one who you need. Quote: Hello my name is Natasha I am from small city in the center of Russia. Below are some examples of what you might get from them: Quote: Hi. I searches for a person, age not main, to it could support in all me and children. Would love to connect with a lady that shares a love of k9...... I live in Central Alabama, and I am able and eager to host! My yim is under the same name Early 50's white male been into k9 since college days.......My name elvira, I search for the man for life, and love. I want to find with you, common language, that we could find time and a place for a meeting, I russian. If you are interested, e-mail me at [email protected] case if the site deletes e-mails, another way: yuliyakisonka gmail com or y|u|l|i|y|a|k|i|s|o|n|k|a|@|g|m|a|i|l|.|c|o|m| (delete the slashes) Quote: Hi!! Which could, make my life better, and to change her, in the best the side. marriage, which will completely value and will be able to understand such girl as I. You know, they are so many people in the world, but some of them are alone, because they didn't find their halfs yet, as it is so hard. When two people want to make friends they will do it and the way of communicating is not very important. I’m a well appearance, good character women from russia, from a little town Zvenigovo, My name is Galina. I hope for you, that you will answer me on my address. Quote: Hello, I have seen your profile and got interested. As to me to describe itself, I probably am not so beautiful, but clever, attractive, cheerful, and the sociable woman, To me of 29 years, and I a lot of time have carried out, in the school, all my small life, I made only dreams. And it would be interesting to me to learn you more. Wanted to see in him interesting communicative, without bad habits a man, who I has been able will be entrust in all. If you are alone and want to find your love, you can write me and we'll start communicating. Of course, it would be better to look at eyes speaking with somebody. You are an interested person according your profile, and all kind people have beautiful eyes. I will be sure to send you a lot of my photos (if you want of course), and you send me some, ok? I am 25 years old, I m non-smoker, do not drink and do not use drugs. I have been disappointed in russia men they Big drinkers!!! May be I can construct my relationship with you, please write me on [email protected] you answer me I will send more information about me, my photos by next message to you.

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I nice, making look younger, good, without bad habits a girl. Mine email [email protected] Quote: Hi I am sorry if I'm disturbing you with my letter. I am said to be very romantic, nice and to have a rich imagination. My free time completely depends on my mood, sometimes I like being alone with my dreams or with my cat reading some book or listening to the music, sometimes in a gym or in a small caffee with my friends. And I very much hope that my heart to speak me correctly because I very much want to find the love. If you not against I shall write to me the letter to look forward to hearing from you to mine email because on a site to me it will be difficult to correspond with you. BTM been fucked by k9s but really want to try horse both blowing and getting fucked! Contact me at [email protected] if you can help me out. Located in Texas Panhandle but have diesel pusher motor home and can me at: [email protected] gay male. Either a bigger dog or a pony and maybe even a horse or stallion. I am a male that has been with a couple male pits but I want to try something bigger.

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