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So if listening to sexy music, taking a bubble bath, eating dark chocolate or having a glass of wine get you in the mood for love, do it.The second step is to prepare things to enhance all of your 5 senses like scented candles for sight and smell, feathers for touch, WET flavored lubes for taste, and erotic sounds for the sense of hearing. She can blindfold her lover so he can't see her making love to him.Even if she isn't interested in me or me interested in her she will stand out in my mind.Although hopefully she's interested if she gives the little smile and eye contact.How can you make your partner understand that self-consciousness or shyness in bed isn't a response to something they've done or not done? Do you ever feel uncomfortable about taking the lead in the bedroom or about voicing a desire to your partner? By praising them on things they do in bed that feel good, even if you just say, "that feels so good." There is nothing sexier than sexual confidence so don't let your partner know that you are shy or self-conscious in bed because they will interpret that by thinking that you don't like sex, you don't like your body or you don't like them. Shy readers, I know I've warned you to look away from super racy sex tips (like this one! Are there small steps a person can take to feel more comfortable in the bedroom?Yes, the first step is to acknowledge what gets you into a juicy state of mind and then act upon those desires.

No offense to her and her drink choice, but through a long history of research (being in a fraternity and coming into contact with sorority girls) I'm pretty sure we won't have much to discuss.

Here's what they had to say:"You assume that I've ever gone up to a girl in a bar in my life, ha.

But if I did, 'cute', not 'hot'.

That to me means that she does not have the time or energy to spend time speaking to someone who had a pick up line of basically, "so you..stuff?

" I'd be more likely to be comfortable speaking to a girl if she looked like she just came from a day of hanging out with friends and had just stopped home to change into a slightly more fancy shirt."-Ryan, 31What do you think of the guys' answers?

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