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I turned to Matt to see what he thought of the lecture. The results of this lesson were less than impressive.

Since we were both new and clueless, Andy and I were not permitted to dance together, instead pairing with more experienced dancers in the group.

Admission is free for members and for everyone else.

The exhibit, featuring work by contemporary artist Shinique Smith, was visceral and evocative.

My partner changed every few steps, leaving me tossed like a rag doll from one strange man to the next, hands in my face, grabbing, pushing, pulling, spinning me around.

By the third dance, I was dizzy and nearly in tears. There's just always somewhere you're supposed to be." I am not a fan of the great outdoors.

Later, Sean and I stood at my door, lit from above by the yellowish glow of my flickering porch light. The flattering cut of my little black dress was wasted under layers of wool and flannel.

The crowd was thin when we arrived, but quickly reached a fever pitch of children, grannies and a man with a mohawk that required an advanced degree in structural engineering.(Some bouts are in Alliant's Exhibition Hall.) There are after parties, too, at various nightspots."Do all your first dates have to sign media waivers?Another sculpture appeared at a glance like a sad stuffed tiger, abandoned on a lonely tree stump. My date for the evening was Andy, a quality assurance analyst for a local software company.A third, a bundle of clothes like a runaway knapsack, was tied with a clothesline to a single high-heeled shoe, reminding me of runaway children, runaway brides and getting the hell out of Dodge. We met for tacos before the dance - perhaps too heavy a meal before so much spinning.

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