Teenage dating on big island hawaii

"Costs of today's teen pregnancies will be borne most heavily by tomorrow's children, who will grow up in circumstances with less than they deserve and with less than they need to become responsible, competent adults." Teen pregnancy and birth rates are declining from a peak in 1991 to a level equal to low rates of the mid-1980s.

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Teen boys, especially sexually experienced boys, most often say it is simply a matter of opportunity to do it with someone they like.

Two-thirds of teens use some method of contraception (usually a condom) the first time they have sex.

However, the successful use of most contraceptive methods requires both motivation and self-discipline leading to consistency that is difficult, especially for teenagers.

Determinants of contraceptive use: The vast majority of teen pregnancies (85 percent) are not fully planned or intended.

Instead, they result from "accidents or teens' ambivalence regarding pregnancy, their confusion about preventing it, and sometimes their failure to make any clear decisions about abstinence, sexual activity, or contraception one way or another", according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

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