Updating jdk

the folder won't go away no matter how many times you remove it manually or via command prompt), try deleting it using safe mode with command prompt..

I have no idea why I had to do this, but that ended up working.

So, I uninstalled every Java I had, deleted Eclipse (Eclipse doesn't have an "uninstall"), and downloaded Eclipse Classic 64-bit for my machine, along with a 64-bit Java (see SPP's answer for that link).

Also: if anyone has trouble "deleting" their Eclipse (e.g.

I had, to my surprise, 5 or so Java installed onto my computer.

Not only that, but it turned out that I downloaded the 32-bit Eclipse by accident.

updating jdk-63updating jdk-19updating jdk-7

if one is 32-bit the other must be the same, and not 64-bit.

Judging from the PATH variables, some installations were completely useless, since they were never used.

Of course, the "inactive" Javas could be referenced manually from within Eclipse if I needed, but I never did that, so I really did not need them.

When I typed "java -version" from command line (cmd.exe), Sun JDK 7 64-bit was returned...

I did not have to uninstall the JDK's either, but I chose to clean my system to wipe out future error causes.

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