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“I’m not going to keep trying to keep up with an image of my 25-year-old self.

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Think about it this way, if you’re an attractive girl and guys approach you left, right center etc buying you drinks, gifts, dinners and more, …….. Click Here to Learn About Dating a Perfect 10 Dating younger women is not as difficult as you might think.Surely there are guys out there that go to book stores and see a drop dead beautiful girl and don’t approach her but would like to. Click Here to Learn About My Favourite Conversation Starters For Meeting Women I’m about to give you two “funny routines” you can use to make women laugh in ANY situation.I’ve used these routines to make literally hundreds of women giggle and laugh like young school girls. When the time comes to pop the question and ask her out on a date the deliema is how do you do it?My rule of thumb is to not ask directly, instead assume she’ll come and merely propose a meeting place.

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