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Mid-year population forecasts reveal that since April 2008 the population has gone from 100,100 to 100,600 in 2009, 99,700 in 2010 to the current figure of 99,600 in 2011.

Settlement in the Mansfield area is known to date back to Roman times, with a villa discovered in 1787 by a Major Rooke between Mansfield Woodhouse and Pleasley and a cache of denarii coins found near King's Mill in 1849.

It is the main town in the Mansfield local government district and is a part of the Mansfield Urban Area.

Nestling in a pocket within the Maun Valley surrounded by hills, the town is around 12 miles (19 km) north of Nottingham.

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However much has been done to diversify the economic base and to replace jobs lost.The brewery was acquired by Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries for £253m in October 1999, with production of the Mansfield range of ales moving to other parts of the country.The brewery's assets were later sold to Pubmaster Ltd and the former site of the brewery is available for redevelopment.The Centre for Cities (2009) categorises the town as a 'small city', although it does not officially hold city status.Mansfield is the only local authority area in the county to have a directly elected Mayor and in October 2008 Mansfield elected its first Youth Mayor.

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